Instruction for using
of the SPS secondary beam lines

1. Overview

The CESAR graphical user interface replaces the old NODAL based physicist TREE programs. It is based on Java and constructed around an ORACLE database.

The Beam PCs in the user control room of the North experimental area are configured such that they start automatically the Cesar GUI with the right privileges and properties. 

Once the CESAR GUI has been started, you will be presented with a large window containing the following elements:



2. Equipment Status:

You can do it in different ways.

1- via the tree physicist


2- via the Status menu and then select the one you want.



3- via the icon panel


If you open a window with e.g. a magnet status or a wire chamber profile, you get a measurement at that moment. At the bottom left of the selected status window you have the following radios button:

By selecting the “Run” button, the reading will automatically be refreshed every SPS cycle for the Selected or All equipments depending on your selection The Run mode will automatically be deactivated after a certain time ( ~10mn). At any time you can ask for a new acquisition by pressing the Refresh button

Be Careful: an 'old' status window could be no longer up-to-date either because the Run mode is no longer selected or only some of equipments are selected. So don't forget to check these settings and even better don't hesitate to ask  for a manual update by pressing the Refresh button


3. Equipment Settings:

From each equipment status panel you are also able to act on a corresponding equipment.

  1. with the mouse pointer select your equipment
  2. at the bottom and depending of the type of equipment, you have at your disposal one or many action button. eg:

"Set Current" for Magnet"

"Set Jaw Positions " for Collimator

"Move (discrete)" for Tax

4. Beam Files

Normally each user has a number of different beam energies and corresponding beam intensities at which he wants to run his experiment. These sets of conditions are described by Beam Files. The files are called  H8A.0 to These files contain all magnet and collimator settings. A list of available files is obtained by selecting Files then Browse all files.

The present conditions in use at any given time are described in the header of the window.

At the bottom of the panel, when a file is selected, different actions are available: View, Edit, Copy, Delete, Refresh (list sorted by file name), BeamRefs-->Selected File, Load BeamFile, Extrapolate

More info about these actions can be found at the following link:

5. Access


From the Access/Access Status menu you get the following panel where you will see the status of your different zones  where you can enter.



If you want to change the state of a zone (e.g. take an access, closed it, etc..) you go click on Access/Access Command and you get the following panel:

Be careful to select the right door!



Active the corresponding button to your desired action:

                "BEAM OFF", "BEAM ON"

"BEAM OFF" ==> Type in your name when the program asks for it. Then go to the door you have selected, touch the option "KEY ACCESS"  on the screen, then "KEY RELEASE", take the key and use it to open the door and enter the zone.

Every person entering the zone should take a key and keep it with him.  your safety depends on this action!!!

"BEAM ON" ==> When you come out of the zone you should put back the key and turn it into its normal position. When the last person has finished, put back the last key, touch "END OF ACCESS" (do not forget - otherwise you will not get beam!) and go back to your barrack. The ''END OF ACCESS" button serves to clear the veto, but only after a 1 minute delay. Then go to your beam terminal and click on "BEAM ON".

Type in your name when you are asked for and wait till beam comes back. It is wise to check that all magnet currents are OK on the Magnet Status panel.

If the magnets do not switch on properly, then try "BEAM ON" again or try to set them to their BeamRef value by clicking the SetToBeamRef button on the Magnet Status Panel. If the problem persists, call the CCC operators.

Important : In the door itself, next to the door knob, there is a round 'pastille' with a dim red light in it, which should be pushed in emergency cases only! Whenever this button is pushed, it must be rearmed (repaired) and a search and secure procedure must be performed before to re-establish the beam condition!

The formal procedures related to access to SPS experimental areas
are  described in the following documents:

Access Rules for access in SPS Experimental Areas (EDMS No 1138833)

Search and Secure Procedure for SPS Secondary Beam Zones (EDMS No 1138831)

"FREE" ==> this mode is used for a long access and when many people are lead to work inside this area. To leave this mode it's mandatory to do a search and secure procedure. This mode can be switched automatically if the door is not well closed or it is kept open for relatively long.