Using this option you get two lists of reference values, from the selected file, one for the magnet and one for the collimators. The selection is done through the corresponding tabs at the bottom of the File References Explorer.

Once an element is selected you can click on the Write To File Reference button and modify the current (magnets) or the jaws position (collimators) at the File Reference. So you can easily change a single (or few) FileRefs value(s).

Using the Change info button, you can change the description.



You can copy a selected file to a new one. You are not able to overwrite an existing one. It is suggested to give a good description of your new file for two reasons:

  • for the time being you will have no chance to modify it again, except if you redo this action!

  • in your file list,  you will identify it more easily.






 The option BeamRefs-->Selected File  is selected when a user has done a tuning on the beam line and wants to keep it for the future. The BeamRefs of all Magnets and Collimators will be saved to the Selected File.


Load BeamFile

This option is selected when a user wants to load the magnets and/or collimators values of a selected file. Magnet current changes are fast, collimator jaws position changes are much slower.



This option is chosen when a user wants to create a new file corresponding to a new requirement (e.g. new energy, new setting conditions of the collimators, special tuning conditions, etc...)

  • New FileName: give only a new number.
  • Description: try to fill it very conscientiously and in a similar way. In the first part give the type of the beam particles (E+, E-, P+, PI+, PI-, MU+, MU-,...), the production angle (e.g. @4.52MR), any additional comments and the name of the user or of the zone (e.g. PAMELA, H2B,...)
    • E-,@4.52MR,PAMELA
    • P+,PI+,@2.26MR,H4A
    • PI-,@4.52MR,From Neutral,H4C
    • E-,@0MR,T22 for VLE,H2B
  • Conversion Type: depending on the reference and the target file type
  • Secondary Momentum: the secondary momentum desired
  • Momentum Change At: to be used only if you have two different values of momentum in your beam line (e.g.  a secondary target)
  • Position For Momentum Change:  which element will change the momentum value (predefined list selection)
  • Tertiary Momentum: the tertiary momentum desired


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