Beam lines at PS and SPS

Location Beam line Experiments & Users Heigth
(from building floor)
East hall T8 IRRAD & CHARM n.a.
East hall T9 n.a. n.a.
East hall T10 n.a. n.a.
East hall T11 CLOUD n.a.
EHN1 H2 NA61 - SHINE & CERN NP 2460 mm
EHN1 H4 GIF++ & CERN NP 2060 mm
EHN1 H6 n.a. 2060 mm
EHN1 H8 n.a. 2860 mm
EHN2 M2 NA58 (COMPASS) n.a.
ECN3 P42/K12 NA62 n.a.
TAG41 TT41 AWAKE n.a.
SPS TT60 HiRadMat n.a.
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