Beam lines at PS and SPS

Location Beam line Experiments & Users Heigth
(from building floor)
East hall T8 IRRAD & CHARM n.a.
East hall T9 n.a. n.a.
East hall T10 n.a. n.a.
East hall T11 CLOUD n.a.
EHN1 H2 NA61 2460 mm
EHN1 H4 GIF 2060 mm
EHN1 H6 n.a. 2060 mm
EHN1 H8 n.a. 2860 mm
EHN2 M2 NA58 (COMPASS) n.a.
ECN3 P42/K12 NA62 n.a.
TAG41 TT41 AWAKE n.a.
SPS TT60 HiRadMat n.a.
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