Access Rules and Procedures for Beams and Experimental Areas.

Access to Experimetal Area Building - What I need ?

  • You need to follow the Safety Course level 1 & 2 (more information here)


Patrol rights - do I need them ?
  • Patrol rights are reserved for a few members of each experimental team. They are allowed to switch the access point from FREE mode to BEAM mode, making sure and taking responsibility that nobody is left inside the area without a key

​How to obtain patrol rights ?
  • Steps to do to obtain such rights :
  1. The EXSO of the experiment has to choose two or three people of his group.
  2. They have to follow a training given by a member of SBA team (contact : B.Rae) or by ​authorized ​person. 
  3. Ask for patrol right in EDH / ADAMS and forward the access request to the trainer

How to operate an acces point (PPE door) ?
  • Mode changes are made from the front panel in the door and from the beam line computer

  • Details ​are described in EDMS N°1138833

How to re-arm a forced door ?

  • You need to have Patrol Rights
  • You have to obtain the key from the CCC

Access Procedures