AD Access to experimental areas.
Giving access rights to persons from the AD experiments in the AD hall works via EDH. The person requesting access to the AD experiments needs to fill the access request form in EDH where usually the access rights AD-SEC (AD secondaire: ASACUSA, ALPHA...) and/or AD-PROT (AD Hall for protons) are requested. AD-PROT is a special access authorization in case of having protons instead of anti-protons in the AD hall for tests. As the proton intensity can be much higher than the anti-proton intensity, a special access authorization is needed (but should usually be granted).

After the access requested is submitted by the person in EDH, the Superintendant has to sign the request. Here one should check whether the person is really member of one of the AD experiments. If this is the case, the request can be signed. However, it often happened in the past (50% of all requests) that a person who is not member of an AD experiment requested the access. This is usually a mistake by the person. In that case the person should be contacted such that the request is withdrawn or the Superintendant should reject such a request.

Access Procedures