The H4 Secondary Beam Line of EHN1/SPS

N. Charitonidis & B. Rae - December 2017

The H4 beam line of EHN1 is a high-energyhigh-resolution secondary beam line. The maximum momentum that can be transported in the experiments is 400 GeV/c protons (primary SPS beam) or secondary mixed hadron beams within the range 10-400 GeV/c, in a variety of production angles. Moreover, electron beams with variable purity (10 – 99.5%) are also possible. The maximum Δp/p acceptance of the line is 2%. The beam height from the building floor is 2060mm.

The beam composition, the rate, the momentum and the polarities of the transported particles in H4 and the neighboring H2 beam line are strongly correlated, and are a function of the configuration of the target station (“wobbling”), the collimator settings and the materials present in the beam line. Please contact the responsible liaison physicist for details on the possibilities of each configuration.

The intensities on the targets and the number of extractions (“spills”) in the supercycle are decided in the user meeting  and in accordance with the user schedule. For more information on these subjects, please contact the SPS coordinator.

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