TRIM magnets

A TRIM is a small magnet of the dipole type:


A MDXV Trim magnet

Length = 40 centimetres
Strength BL = 0.77 Tm (52 mm gap)
Bmax = 17.5 kGauss

Its purpose is to correct the beam steering. Contrary to a main bend, its nominal field is exactly zero. Therefore these magnets are normally short and compact, as the required bending power is normally small. Like for a bend, its bending angle theta is given by

theta = 0.2997 • BL / p

where p is the beam momentum in GeV/c and BL the bending power in Teslameters. Theta is the angle in radians.

In the SL/EA group many different types of trims are in use. Please find below some data on some of these types:

TypeMax.BL [Tm]Length [m] Aperture [mm]Gap width [mm]Imax [A] R (mOhm)DC/pulsed
MDX-520.770.405280250 305.0DC only
MDX-800.6070.408080250 305.0DC only
MDX-1000.5230.4010080250 305.0DC only
MDX-1080.4940.4010880250 305.0DC only
MDX-1200.4360.4012080250 305.0DC only
MDS0.9860.7070130500 162.0can be pulsed