List of barracks and users in the North Area Experimental Halls

SBA zone Room number User Terminal Phone Barrack Building / Office Host Name
H2-152 887/R-E53 H2A H2A-1 76763 HNA-353 887/1-A52 cwo-hna355-h2a
  H2A H2A 76719 HNA-343 887/R-B43 cwo-hna343-h2A3
H2-172 887/R-D75 H2B H2B-1 78232 HNA-370 887/1-B71 cwo-hna370-h2b1
H2B H2B-2 79047 HNA-383/NA-386 887/1-B81 cwo-hna383-h2b2
H4-124 887/R-B43 H4Z H4Z 76735/76521 HNA-143 887/R-B42 cwo-hna143-h4z
H4-134 887/R-K47 H4A H4A 76282/76719 HNA-348 887/1-A47 cwo-hna348-h4a
H4-154 887/R-K84 H4C H4C 78905 HNA-487 887/1-R87 cwo-hna487-h4c
H4-164 887/R-L95 H4D H4D 63206 HNA-186 887/R-B85 cwo-hna186-h4d
H6-126 887/R-M15 CERF CERF 76769 HNA-445 887/1-Q44 cwo-hna445-cerf
H6-146 887/R-K52 H6A H6A 76755 HNA-447 887/1-Q45 cwo-hna447-h6a
H6-156 887/R-K56 H6B H6B-1 76869 HNA-453 887/1-R52 cwo-hna453-h6b1
H6B H6B-2 76820 HNA-457 887/1-Q54 cwo-hna457-h6b2
H8-128 887/R-P22 H8Z H8Z 76757 HNA-451 887/1-Q49 cwo-hna451-h8z
H8-138 887/R-P40 H8A H8A-1 79340 HNA-443 887/1-Q43 cwo-hna443-h8a
H8-148 887/R-Q47 H8A H8A-2 76144 HNA-443 887/1-Q40
H8-158 887/R-P58 H8B H8B 63145 HNA-262/HNA-257 887/R-Q60 / 887/R-Q64 cwo-hna257-h8b
H8-168 887/R-L75 H8C H8C-1 76773/77542 HNA-468 887/1-Q67 cwo-hna468-h8c1
H8C H8C-2 76112 HNA-480 887/1-R77 cwo-hna480-h8c2
H8C H8C-3 76112 HNA-484 887/1-Q81 cwo-hna484-h8c3
ECN3-P42 P42A P42A HNC-104 918/R-001 cwo-hnc104-p42a
ECN3-K12 K12A K12A HNC-104 918/R-001 cwo-hnc104-k12a
M2-221 M2A M2A HNB-411 888/1-014 cwo-hnb411-m2a

Structured ethernet plugs: EHN1 EHN2, ECN3 (e.g. for ethernet plugs in the experimental zone(s), choose EHN1 -> floor R -> room 1)
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