Access to East Area secondary zones


The secondary areas in the East Hall are the T7, T9, T10 and T11 zones. Everybody with a valid CERN acces card can access the areas, once they are in key access or free mode. In 2007 no more special authorisations are required..

The four states of an area

An area can be in one of four states:

  1. CLOSED: you cannot enter the area. This is the only state in which beam is allowed.
  2. SUPERVISED AREA: You may enter the area by simply inserting your access into the reader next to the access door and enter the door. You also need to enter the card into the reader on the inside to get out again.
  3. FREE ACCESS: You may enter or exit the area without card.
  4. FORCED: the light next to the PPE door is flashing. This means that the door has been forced open with the thin red handle for an emergency reason. This should only happen in case of an emergency. The door should be repaired (working hours only) and this may result in a significant loss of beam time.
If the VETO light is on, the CCC has enabled an external veto on the beam line. No beam is allowed in the beam.

How to switch on or off the beam

Keep the Beam ON or OFF button pushed while inserting the authorised access card. It will take between 15 and 30 seconds (depending on the beam line in question) to move the relevant beam dump(s) in or out of the beam. The ON or OFF button will light up once the desired state has been reached.

How to change the state of the zone

The new access sytem is described here (FR).

What to do in case of problems

In case of difficulties (e.g. forced door), please calll the CCC control room, telephone number 76677.