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This Web page is dedicated to the Secondary Beam Areas of the PS, SPS machines: NTOF, AD, East Area, North Area, CNGS.

CERN has a unique set of experimental areas that can provide a wide spectrum of particle beams for FT experiments and R&D projects.

The SBA team is responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of the beam lines, downstream of the primary targets. The team is responsible for the liaison with the users of these facilities and it provides support for their installation and infrastructure. The Operations Group is responsible for the operation of all CERN Accelerators and their associated Experimental Areas. The Physics department is responsible for the coordination (SPS physics Coordinator), Users Schedule and for the safety of experiments.


SBA beam lines

The responsibilities for the various beam lines and zones are shared by beam and liaison physicists:

Area Beam Physicists Location beam lines TSO
North Area Adrian Fabich EHN1 H2
Edda Gschwendtner H6
Lau Gatignon H8
Lau Gatignon EHN2 M2 V. DeJesus
Lau Gatignon ECN3
PS transfer Lau Gatignon FTN   S. Girod
East Area Lau Gatignon East Area T8, T9, T10, T11 M. Lazzaroni Michael Jeckel M. Lazzaroni
CNGS Edda Gschwendtner BB4 CNGS Sylvain Girod S. Girod

Installed experiments  interaction

These beam lines serve a variety of experiments and test facilities:

PS East Area CLOUD & DIRAC (until 2013)
ALPHA, Asacusa, Atrap, Aegis
SPS North Area NA61, AMS

Test facilities

PS East Area irradiation
SPS North Area Magnet Facility: MNP22
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