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M2 beam line

  • The M2 beam line is located in EHN2 This is the CERN high-intensity muon beam. It consists of an approximately 600 metres long pion and kaon decay channel, at ther end of which the remaining hadrons are observed in up to 9.9 metres of Beryllium. The maximum momentum is 280 GeV/c.
  • detailed user guide: M2

  • Beam types:
    • High-intensity (polarised) muon beam
  • Maximum intensities for 1012 incident protons at 400 GeV/c:
    • 2 107 mu+ at 100 GeV/c
    • 3 106 mu- at 200 GeV/c
  • Beam optics
    • Muon beam: Hadron section:optics; muon section optics: optics
    • Hadron beam: Full beam optics: Optics drawing (Postscript) (PDF)
    • Electron beam: Secondary beam optics (T6 to secondary target):optics
  • Beam log file
    • M2M2
  • Experimental zones:
    • PPE211, PPE221, PPE231
  • Experiments located on beam line:
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