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H4 beam line

  • The H4 beam line is located in EHN1 It is a high-energy, high-resolution general purpose beam suitable for both experiments and tests. Main parameters: Pmax= 330 (450) GeV/c, Acc.=1.5 µSr, Δp/pmax= ±1.4 % The maximum momentum is 400 GeV/c.
  • detailed user guide: H4

  • Beam types:
    • polarized protons for Λ0 decay, enriched low-intensity beam of anti-protons, or K+
    • electrons from γ-conversion,
    • Attenuated primary beam, Heavy ion beam
  • Maximum intensities for 1012 incident protons at 400 GeV/c:
    • π+, e fluxes similar to H2
    • ~ 107 protons at 400 GeV/c
    • ~ 107 Pb
  • Beam optics
  • Beam log file
    • H4H4
  • Experimental zones:
  • Experiments located on beam line:
    • RD51, R&D test setups (RD51, AIDA,. .) irradiation facility: H4IRRAD mixed-field irradiation area for LHC equipment irradiation (R2E)
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