The P0 Complex

The P0 complex is a beam that is derived either from the T4 or the T6 primary target. By means of a group of two horizontal dipole magnets (B8 and B9) the beam is directed either towards NA50 (P41 or P61 branch) or NA48 (P42 branch). The P62 branch from T6 to NA48 is for the moment not implemented. Please see the figure below for a schematic layout of this complex (not to scale).

A Postscript version is also available.

The P0 beam is used in the following modes:

  • A attenuated primary proton beam for NA50 from either T4 or T6.
  • A primary heavy ion beam for NA50, from T6 only.
  • A primary proton beam to the T10 secondary target from the simultaneous KL and KS beams (the latter from a strongly attenuated proton branch defined by a bent crystal) for NA48 are derived.
  • Electron beams from conversion of photons from pi0 decays. The pio's are produced in the T4 primary target, the photons are converted in a 4 mm lead converter following a sweeping magnet and a dump collimator immediately behind T4.

Lau Gatignon, 27 November 1997
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