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Beam lines at PS and SPS


Location beam line experiments & users
EHW GIF n.a.
East hall T7 n.a.
East hall T8 n.a.
East hall T9 n.a.
East hall T10 n.a.
East hall T11 PS212 (DIRAC)
PS SPS transfer FTN nTOF10
PS SPS transfer FTN TT2A nTOF11 (MERIT)
EHN1 H2 NA61 - low-energy proton beam (30 GeV/c) to study particle production for ν-targets - fragmented ion beam Be(4,7) in wide energy range [13-158] AGeV/c CMS test beam
EHN1 H4 RD51, R&D test setups (RD51, AIDA,. .) irradiation facility: H4IRRAD mixed-field irradiation area for LHC equipment irradiation (R2E)
EHN1 H6 SC-RP, ATLAS test beam, irradiation facility: CERF
EHN1 H8 ATLAS test beam, DREAM, UA9 experiment test area and crystal validation future LHC experiments - CALICE
ECN3 P41/61 NA60
ECN3 P42/K12 NA48 ,NA62

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